OceanSpring was established in 2007 to develop technology and professional communication capabilities that could be leveraged as business units, spin-offs and fresh acquisitions in support of existing and new innovations across Africa’s emerging sectors.

Addressing correspondents in Abuja recently, CEO Samuel Odebowale said “when our affiliate marketing business was consolidated in 2007, we realized digital innovations would disrupt global commerce within a decade. Trends in African markets supported confidence in future (2020) local opportunities, so we decided to build capabilities on native resources and skills. We consistently invested in web development and server infrastructure, news publishing, social sectors and human resources with a transnational outlook”.

Our present strategy is to consolidate promising and market-ready operations as new Corporations, enhance Board structure and scale up commercial services. This will unlock cash values, cut through bureaucracy, expand and enhance Board Governance, and enable regulatory compliance and eligibility for reform benefits.

Over the next five years (2019 – 2023) OceanSpring Africa will pursue an aggressive growth plan that is built around e-commerce, information systems development, and media. In 2019, we will focus on information governance, sustainability promotions and engagement marketing aspects of our operations in Nigeria to gain firm association with innovation centres and upcoming entrepreneurial sectors.

We will expand the Africa Signal and SENS Newswire operations to build a real-time exchange for premium information services and resource on trade, agriculture, sustainability, credits and early warning systems. Our advertising and analytics Division will enable us achieve lower ad-loads in programming, more relevant and engaging ads, eliminate transaction related costs, contribute to adjusted earnings per share and deliver synergy in costs, corporate levels efficiency, savings from marketing and advertising, procurement and content development.

Our final priority is to maintain a strong balance sheet. We will scale our publishing business for pan-African disaggregated coverage, first on business, politics and security news. We will also elect for pioneer status designation in Nigeria; utilize technological innovation and experience to syndicate social sector partnerships across healthcare, agriculture, insurance and other critical areas of needs; and operate/benefit as a social enterprise Corporation.