Since 2003, OceanSpring legacy companies have maintained a consistent growth trajectory innovations and exploration of local opportunities. The Company presently operate as a group of related but independent corporate entities and regulated divisional business units; engineered to deepen customer service fulfillment, professionalism and quality management.

The Group presently includes OceanSpring International Limited (RC: 762780); OceanSpring Networks and Services (RC: 2028322); OceanSpring Promotions and Leverage Consulting (RC: 2761855); Social Enterprise News Service; The Social Enterprise Consortium; The Africa Signal News Magazine; OceanSpring Information Systems Development Corporation; OceanSpring Studios; OSNET; Governance Achievements Award of Honors Events; OceanSpring Sustainability Reporting Corporation; OceanSpring Marine and Maritime Services.

OceanSpring is a fully disclosed Corporation, and this information is being provided as part of our disclosure obligations to clients, partners and prospects.