OceanSpring Academy was established as part of our customers service initiatives, to help clients understand the unlimited options and capabilities our platform provides, and how they can build on it.

Our goal in Nigeria is to help more businesses succeed. Nigerian SMEs, Social Enterprises, and professional firms have several challenges. Businesses provide everything they need by themselves, for themselves.

OceanSpring offers assistance targeting media, business process and web presence needs. Our business provides infrastructure and resources we own, through which our clients can safely activate and grow strategically. We provide cost leadership and quality assurance they probably won’t find anywhere else.

Our platforms offer seamless integration with major social media channels and devices; and our depth of field shows we are the premiere media, information systems, web technology convergence Corporation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beginning from this year (2019), we will be sharing instances of practical application of our products and services through the Academy.

An Agency is defined by the kind of clients it serves. We would love to be defined by our relevance to clients’ goals and aspirations.

It’s a brand new day for Nigerians and we are happy to see people thrive.

OceanSpring PLC… Let’s get it done!