OceanSpring Stategic Services Agency (OSS Agency) is made up of multidisciplinary Mission Centers that integrate the full range of our analytic, operational, support, technical, and digital capabilities. We provide business leaders the intelligence they need in a changing world.

We collect and analyze business intelligence, conduct environmental scanning and develop projections business leaders and policymakers utilise in making policy decisions, informed by the information we provide, so they could keep their interests protected and thriving.

Since 2008, our activities have been instrumental to wide impact initiatives such as APRM-NEPAD Country Report (Nigeria), sustainable development debates, African youth policy formulation, adoption and domestication across some countries, political campaigns and civil society mainstreaming in West Africa, cultural and beauty pageants, just to name a few.

We are presently scaling up those activities as a private institutional Stategic Agency providing headline intelligence and support action for people and governments interested in Africa’s business, political and security landscape. We are well positioned to advocate a course of action as well as serve as an independent source of information for people who make policies.